Cold Weather Blog Coming

Cold Weather Tips - Durango, CO

Weather tips and tricks — funny enough there’s not a lot written on this.

Early in my career I had to scourer the internet to try to find out how to make the gear work. I’m trying to change that and provide the knowledge & teach you!

My First time working in cold weather with cameras was in Durango Colorado — pics here show me on the side of an ice climb filming a branded promo/sport for Coors Beer!
I’ve worked my fair share of shoots over nearly the last decade of my career. So much that I’ve learned from the mistakes and learned from those who have gone before me. Working on so many shoots in varying climates has taken me all over the US and some foreign countries. I’ve learned from scouring blogs, word of mouth and just simple trial & error.

NOW a little about me:
I’ve worked in the Film and Commercial Industry since 2013. I started my career at Keslow Camera in Culver City, CA in 2013 and left to become a Camera Assistant in 2017. 
Since then I have worked on a variety of TV Shows, Movies, & Commercials all over Los Angeles (and the country). During the Pandemic I moved to Denver, CO to be closer to family and plugged into the commercial scene out here.

Filming for Coors - Durango Colorado. 
That's me, on the left ice climbing on this branded commercial shoot.

And working on snow jobs is a Love/Relationship out here in Snowy Colorado. Haha
Kind of like LA

Here’s my first 7x tricks and trips for cold weather:

1) Move Slow - nothing is worth getting snow on/in the camera.

2) Keep all Batteries warm - temperatures drain batteries faster. 
*Use Hand warmers or keep small batteries in warm pockets close to body.

Make sure you bring layers - waterproof & warm. One glove will
never be enough. Just make sure you keep some air between layers —
that’s what keep you warm!

4) Hotel Shower Caps can double has a good water proof and snow cover for your monitor or FIZ hand unit.

Go to Home Depot and buy a shower curtain or some clear HDX drop cloths
for painting. Cut them up ahead of time to fit your cameras &
monitors — and tape them together (or better yet velcro them together
with rubber cement - to hold the hard and soft sides of the velcro to
the plastic).

6) AND NEVER, NEVER cover the vents to your
camera’s fan - could bust the camera or make it over heat. That camera
will do just fine being cold - it won’t overheat it.

Tutorials & Training to Come.
Stay tuned!!